Paul & Sam – Wedding Day – Christ Church, Aughton & Farington Lodge

I do feel blessed when it comes to my Bride & Grooms.!! and this was no exception, Another Great Couple, Paul & Sam married at Christ Church, Aughton and the Ever welcoming Farington lodge.

The day went flawlessly thanks to Paul & Sam’s planning, loads of fun and laughter throughout the day.

Big thanks as always to Simon and the team at Farington, who ran the reception perfectly.

Enjoy some images from the day…Michael


finchblog-1 finchblog-2 finchblog-3 finchblog-4 finchblog-5 finchblog-6 finchblog-7 finchblog-8 finchblog-9 finchblog-10 finchblog-11 finchblog-12 finchblog-13 finchblog-14 finchblog-15 finchblog-16 finchblog-17 finchblog-18 finchblog-19 finchblog-20 finchblog-21 finchblog-22 finchblog-23 finchblog-24


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