Lauren & Jason Maley – Wedding Day – Houghwood Golf Club, St Helens

What a Terrific Wedding , Lauren & Jay were an absolute Barrel of fun during the whole day, they know how to enjoy themselves!!!

Married at St Austins Church and Houghwood Golf Club, St.Helens,

A great set of families and guests, this is what Wedding Days are about, an absolute pleasure to be involved in the day….

Big thanks as always to Barry at Diamond Light Videography for another Successful dream team supplier wedding!!!

Enjoy some Images from the day….Michael.


Maley blog-1 Maley blog-2 Maley blog-3 Maley blog-4 Maley blog-5 Maley blog-6 Maley blog-7 Maley blog-8 Maley blog-9 Maley blog-10 Maley blog-11 Maley blog-12 Maley blog-13 Maley blog-14 Maley blog-15 Maley blog-16 Maley blog-17 Maley blog-18 Maley blog-19 Maley blog-20 Maley blog-21 Maley blog-22 Maley blog-23 Maley blog-24 Maley blog-25 Maley blog-26

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