Mark & Dawn – Wedding Day – The Black Horse Inn, Clifton, Brighouse

Mark & Dawn were great fun to work for, super cute Wedding Day

The Black Horse Inn at Clifton Village was the destination for todays Wedding, an original country style restaurant and venue, really nice.

So we started off at Dawn’s room with Mum & Dad, and the Bridesmaids, everyone seemed calm and excited, this led to some really nice shots of our bridal party.

Dawn looked incredible, her dress was amazing, lovely detail…a fitting outfit for our Bride to be..:D

Mark and the Suits walked in reservoir dogs style, all the boys were in good spirits and ready or the day ahead. Good bunch.!

The ceremony went ahead without a hitch, which led us nicely to some family group Photographs, the Weather wasn’t on our side unfortunately, and didn’t break at all for the day.  However it didn’t stop us, and we got some great shots in the bag.

Thank you to all the family and guests that made the day so memorable..:D

Enjoy some shots from the day.


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