Philip & Nicola Donaldson – Wedding Day – St John’s Burscough & Briars Hall, Lathom

This is about as local as it gets for us, a Great Wedding based in Lathom and Burscough, Lancs….The New Philip & Nicola Donaldson.

“A top drawer wedding from Start to Finish…”

The Day started off at Nic’s Mums in Burscough, a real hive of activity with Nicola and all the girls getting ready there, the usual organised chaos went ahead, with everyone looking the Part!!!

We where then off to meet Phil and the ‘Suits’ at St Johns Church, the weather was really nice on the day, so a large crowd milled around the church creating a great atmosphere..

Nicola and the girls arrived at the church and looked amazing!, Phil didn’t appear too nervous and the ceremony went ahead without a hitch.

We stopped off at a local Canal/Locks location for some beautiful Bride and Groom portraits, with the rest of the days formal shots done at Briars Hall.

The Reception room looked terrific (as always at Briars Hall), which led to some emotional speeches and a real party evening reception…A top Drawer Wedding from Start to Finish!!

enjoy some shots from the day


Donaldson blog-1 Donaldson blog-2 Donaldson blog-3 Donaldson blog-4 Donaldson blog-5 Donaldson blog-6 Donaldson blog-7 Donaldson blog-8 Donaldson blog-9 Donaldson blog-10 Donaldson blog-11 Donaldson blog-12 Donaldson blog-13 Donaldson blog-14 Donaldson blog-15 Donaldson blog-16 Donaldson blog-17 Donaldson blog-18 Donaldson blog-19 Donaldson blog-20 Donaldson blog-21 Donaldson blog-22 Donaldson blog-23 Donaldson blog-24 Donaldson blog-25

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