Ian & Catherine Middleton – Wedding Day – Friday 3rd May 2013 – Lowe House Church – West Tower, Ormskirk

“What a sensational Wedding from Start to Finish, Ian & Catherine were an absolute pleasure to Photograph…….”

So the day started off at Catherine’s Mum & Dads house, the whole bridal party where getting ready here, which made a really nice atmosphere, along with Catherines best friend was her two sisters and there children….The Model bridal party let me tell you..! So everything went smoothly and what a picture Catherine looked once into her dress, wow….Stunning.!. With some nice shots in the bag we where off to see Ian and the guests at the church…

…And what a church this was..St Marys Lowe House Church, St Helens…An Incredible place, absolutely gorgeous interior…this sort of Venue make photography a pleasure..

Following a wonderful service, we headed to West Tower, Ormskirk, a really nice venue and always nice to work here, with Lynsey running the reception…(Future couples take note). We got the rest of the Family group shots and Bride & Groom Portraits, really happy with the amount of variety we managed (Told you…Great Bride & groom!).

With some hilarious Speeches, a great evening reception, and even a Sunset over West Lancs…..this was definatley a Wedding to remember..

Enjoy some images from the day…


Videographer: Rob www.actionvideos.co.uk – Highly recommended.!!


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